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Régóta lelkes olvasója vagyok Brian Madden blogjának. Egy megbeszélésre készülve össze kellett gyűjtenem a legfontosabb cikkek listáját. Jóval hosszabb lett, mint gondoltam, de megéri átböngészni őket. Az elmúlt két éve termése – Minden (OK. Majdnem minden), amit a VDI-ról tudni kell vagy érdemes. A személyes kedvenceimet kiemeltem, a cikkeket pedig két csokorba szedtem: az elsőbe a technológiai és/vagy elméleti stratégiai kérdésekről szóló cikkek kerültek, a másodikba egyik vagy másik gyártó, vagy annak egy terméke került fókuszba.

Jó olvasgatást!


  1. In 2010, desktop virtualization is still tactical. The Win7 opportunity has been missed.
  2. How the hidden "SLA bump" can kill your VDI project: You’d better know your desktop SLAs going in!
  3. Madden’s client hypervisor paradox: If we had the tech to make client hypervisors useful, we wouldn’t need client hypervisors!
  4. The "Pepsi Challenge" and "New TV" analogies: think about these when evaluating virtual desktop solutions
  5. If you can take a VDI instance "offline," then why don’t you just always run it offline? ("Madden’s Offline Paradox?")
  6. Understanding how storage design has a big impact on your VDI (UPDATED)
  7. What the Windows desktop will look like in 2015: Brian’s vision of the future
  8. Windows Server 2008 RDS CALs and App-V licensing: is App-V now free?
  9. Everyone who needs VDI already has it
  10. What are the real-world non-BS reasons people use VDI today?
  11. Why do people decide NOT to use VDI today?
  12. How to lie with cost models
  13. A technical explanation of why the whole “layering” / shared image thing is so difficult
  14. Is today’s VDI really only about non-shared, personal images?
  15. Is VDI finally cheaper than traditional PCs for CapEx?
  16. Is the future of remote display protocols based on hypervisor integration?
  17. The fundamental flaws of thin clients
  18.  Is VDI more "green" than traditional desktops? And if so, does it matter?
  19. We need a new “user settings” framework before rich internet apps will replace Windows apps
  20. How much antivirus do we need for non persistent VDI?
  21. IT department drama: Desktop vs. Server teams and who controls the users’ desktops
  22. Tech Therapy: TS vs. VDI, a video from BriForum 2009
  23. Behind the Scenes: Mastering User Profiles in Terminal Server and Virtual Desktop Environments, a video from BriForum 2009
  24. Use of Layers in Desktop Virtualization Management, a video from BriForum 2009
  25. Users Versus IT, a video from BriForum 2009
  26. Is application compatibility still a problem for Terminal Server?
  27. Introducing “Madden’s Paradox”: the gotcha of the VDI versus TS debate
  28. Desktops users can be “second class citizens” in our datacenters
  29. Emulation, paravirtualization, and pass-through: what you need to know for client hypervisors
  30. How far along the hype cycle is VDI? My guess is Phase 3: “Trough of Disillusionment”
  31. The hidden costs of VDI
  32. Thin client devices: more or less relevant in the future?
  33.  SBC and Terminal Server will still be important in the future, even as client hypervisors and VDI take off
  34. Hey Brian: Why do you only compare VDI to TS? Why not VDI to traditional desktops?
  35. Terminal Services versus VDI: Brian’s presentation from VMworld Europe 2009
  36. Why client hypervisors will be a big deal. Hint: It’s NOT about running multiple VMs.
  37. Ok everyone, let’s solve this once and for all: Should your users be local admins?
  38. Hey Brian: desktop virtualization and fault tolerance?
  39. VDI, VDI+, VDI.next… Really, it’s all about all desktops. (And so are we!)
  40. Is offline VDI really that important? Yes! (But not for the reasons you think.)
  41. Is big iron back? Did it ever leave?
  42. Prediction: VDI will be ready for wholesale desktop replacement in 2010. Here’s how we’ll solve the problems to get there.


Gyártókkal kapcsolatos

  1. Desktop virtualization and the power of App-V and Windows 7
  2. The difference between Microsoft’s "in box" VDI solution and their "VDI Suite"
  3. Prediction: 90% of the future "VDI" will be client-based
  4. RemoteApp for Hyper-V – Microsoft’s single-user app solution
  5. After VMworld, VMware still has to prove they "get" desktops. 13 questions about their desktop strategy they need to answer.
  6. How can VMware compete in the desktop space? “We have the best hypervisor” is not relevant anymore.
  7. Want to deliver Citrix apps via System Center? It’s coming in 2010!
  8. Why Microsoft doesn’t like client hypervisors
  9. Windows 7 will be huge for VDI. Why? Because it’s not Vista.
  10. Why VMware’s VDI positioning is a threat to Microsoft, and how Microsoft is preparing to take them on
  11. How VMware is misleading everyone about the cost savings of VDI
  12. VDI and TS performance on ESX, Hyper-V, Xen, and bare-metal: head-to-head results are here via Project Virtual Reality Check!